A Sober Dinner is So Much Simpler

Tonight, my family and I went out to eat at a family restaurant after my younger son’s little league game. We have gone there quite a bit, but as soon as we sat down, I realized we hadn’t been there since I’ve been sober. In the last year or so of my drinking, when I was on my serial moderation plans, plus my husband had started taking notice, bringing everyone there for dinner was one of the ways I would create acceptable occasions to drink.

I remember vividly getting there and feeling impatient for my first glass of wine, and being vaguely annoyed by the small size of the glasses they serve.

I remember wanting about four of them over the course of dinner and trying to be happy with my two. I would have difficulty focusing on much else.

Walking down the street after leaving tonight, I remembered other times leaving that place. Feeling the tease of a small buzz. Feeling relief and anticipation if I knew I had more wine at home.   And if I didn’t have any, stressing over whether I could go get some without pissing my husband off. Usually, desire to drink more would win out over that concern. So there I would be, having finagled an acceptable “couple glasses of wine with dinner out” moderation scenario, only to end the night drinking more than intended, again. Of course, there were a few occasions when I did stop at that couple of glasses at the restaurant, but never without great effort, and dissatisfaction.

Wow, what a convoluted and twisted way to spend an evening, either way.

So what happened tonight? I had dinner with my family. We had a nice time. We came home. The end.

© soberfire, 2015

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4 thoughts on “A Sober Dinner is So Much Simpler

  1. Awesome! What a fantastic feeling 🙂

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  2. Iambizi on said:

    I have been avoiding this pizza place because I can get my favorite cider there.
    Sigh 100 days tomorrow for me.

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  3. Hi,
    As I got worse with drinking my whole life was devoted to “creating acceptable occasions to drink” – love the way you put it.

    “So that goes over there, and a little bit over here, and viola – we have an acceptable occasion to drink – now get out of the way, since it’s acceptable, I’m drinking!!”

    Hope everything is going well!


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